Hope Lodge Holiday Bash Part 2

We’re well and truly in the full throes of an exceptionally busy January, but wanted to take a moment to complete the picture series of our Hope Lodge Holiday Bash, blissfully nestled back in our December memories. The Holidays may have dissolved into soft flurries of good cheer, but that doesn’t mean there’s not an opportunity to draw inspiration from these beautiful table tops for your next luncheon!

We love the clean mediterranean simplicity of Guillaume’s Portugal inspired table – the beautiful dinnerware curtesy of Portuguese company Vista Alegre  really gave it that balmy Southern European touch. Also pictured here in clockwise order: the exuberantly themed Palm Beach table, put together by eclectic designer Anne Rue (how many flamingos can you spot?), and the inherently cool vibe of Cuba by Louis Navarrete.

The gently elegant world of Japan inspired Darrin Vardin, and those paper windmills are unmistakably Dutch in inspiration, Tamara Stephenson ad Susan Young of Root Cellar Designs drawing from her love of The Netherlands for her tablescape.


Clockwise from left: The snow gilded boughs of Kristen McCory’s take on Finland, and draped in robust scarlets and golds, Michael Aram’s India. Michael Tavano put together a strikingly unique Italy, Iceland was bought to life with whimsical warmth by Carolyn Miller, and Gregory Allan Cramer stunned with his breathtakingly colorful Mexican inspired design.


Again, our thanks go out to all of the designers who banded together in the name of charity, and spent countless hours of their own time creating these striking tables. Who needs a passport when you have a group of talented interior designers on the task?! The night truly felt like a trip around the world!

(All proceeds benefited the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge, which you can read about more over here.)


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