Interior Decor trend of 2013: Personality!

Despite the dreary cold january weather here in NYC, things are looking bright and punchy in the world of Interior Design!

Lately, it seems that people want to feel uplifted and inspired by their surroundings, to see things positively and with more color:

Pantone’s Color of the year for 2013 is a bold Emerald. pantone-color-of-the-year-2013-emerald

Inspiring, adventurous, and lush, this color evokes moods of productiveness and prosperity.  Even if you don’t rush out to paint your bedroom this particular jewel-toned hue, bold colors are in!  After all, it’s a relatively low risk to paint a room, compared to the mood-boosting benefits you receive from being surrounded by a color you love.


High gloss and drama are also in this year- laquer is a very glamorous way to illuminate a room.  It is a tricky process, requiring trained painters and walls that are smooth and straight, as any imperfections will be easy to spot. Venetian plaster is another option, which will give you that shine with a bit of texture, and a pearlescent finish can be added.  The application of the plaster itself will help to smooth out the wall.

Navy Laquer
Navy Laquer

Retro is in!  Perhaps because of the Mad-Men craze, or simply because the designs are stunning and tend to be more of a personal find (usually bought during a hunt for antiques, rather than from IKEA or mass-produced).

A beautiful Art Deco design by James Mont
A beautiful Art Deco design by James Mont
Grecian scrolls by James Mont
Grecian scroll credenza by James Mont

Your home is your curated space- to fill with not just functional furniture, but rather pieces you love and treasure. Your space should say a lot about you, and you should take your time to add those details!

Jonathan Adler marble Owl sculpture
Jonathan Adler marble Owl sculpture

Earthy, heavy materials are in this year, too. Marble, brass, and dark woods hearken back to hand-made and nature-inspired. The elemental quality of these materials is a departure from the plastic and mass-produced trends of the last decade.

Talimsan brass Lamps
Talimsan brass Lamps
Salmon-color marble table
Salmon-color marble table
Tim Campbell studio table in deep oak
Tim Campbell studio table in deep oak

Funky patterns with flora and fauna are also popular right now- they’re great for throw pillows or even re-upholstering a piece of furniture that’s become boring or outdated.


Lois Mailou Jones - Textile design

Many of these designs also have a retro feel to them; you can incorporate this trend with some more subtle and updated patterns as well:

pheasant throw pillow
pheasant throw pillow

The kitchen is a great place to reconnect with your family and friends; why not make it a more welcoming place to do so?

Designers have created kitchens to be places that are more conducive to creativity, harmony and ease of use.  A splash of color to the cabinets, new appliances that are not too fussy or intimidating, and the use of shelves as a display space for your favorite cookware, dishware, or glassware can go a long way to make your kitchen a cozy spot.

3 Eclectic Kitchen

blue kitchen

Time to dust off those cookbooks and enjoy the kitchen again!

Remember: Life is too short to live in a home you don’t feel reflects your personal tastes- and if you have a partner to share it with, make your decisions together!

Have a great rest of the month, and stay warm!



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