Coming together, Again



View of Manhattan from Brooklyn after Hurricane Sandy


This past week has been one of a great emotional turmoil for many of us who call NYC home.  A hurricane (a type of storm I became familiar with during my years in Florida) flooded, uprooted, and left many in the dark for days.  It was an annoying disruption for some, but for many, it meant the loss of home, safety, and even loved ones. 



Line for a shuttle between Brooklyn and Manhattan

Although I was fortunate enough to be safe and dry uptown, I trekked downtown to the financial district where my office is.  


Draining basements and Subways in lower Manhattan, from NYtimes



Flooding at the World Trade Center Site (from Twitter @BigBird)



Subway flooding at South Ferry/Whitehall Station (from Twitter)

It was unbelievable to see the city so changed from one storm.  One subway stop away from our office had been flooded to the roof.  Buildings that once dotted the skyline with lights became dark, monolithic silhouettes.  



view of the skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge




The Financial District at Night




TriBeCa (all images taken from Gawker media)

There are also some incredible photos taken from above, too.  The NASA observatory has taken some before and after the storm shots of NYC:


NYC before Hurricane Sandy (NASA)


NYC November 1st (NASA)

While the devastation to the city’s infrastructure and its people has been great, some great efforts have brought people together to rebuild what was destroyed. The New York Marathon has been canceled to focus resources on the people and city who really need them, and people are extending helping hands to their neighbors.  Here are some practical ways to really help:



and here are also some ways to let off some steam AND help:


Here is a link to Subway service as of Saturday, November 3: http://alert.mta.info/sites/default/files/pdf/hurricane_recovery_map_bw_Nov3_am_0.pdf

Best wishes and prayers from the G-Team that you, your family and loved ones are safe and recovering during this time.




One thought on “Coming together, Again

  1. Nous sommes depuis la France de tout coeur avec eux qui ont perdu un être cher, une maison, la possibilité de travailler….
    Que nos prières et nos pensées vous accompagnent

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