Shining Sconces

  Just like chandeliers are like the statement “necklaces” of your home, sconces are like the “earrings” that finish the polished look of your environment!

The word “sconce” comes from the French word esconce, which means “covered, protected, or hidden”.  It generally refers to a light fixture that is supported only by the wall.  Typically, the light is directed upwards, and can be with or without lampshades.  The use of sconces goes as far back as the use of torches hung on the wall- ways to illuminate dark paths and hallways.

Sconce on the Strozzi Palace, Florence
A Medieval-era sconce at the Cloisters, Ft Tryon Park NYC

These two medieval- and Renaissance-era sconces were used with candle and torch lighting, but the use of electricity nowadays means that one must be more careful about sconce placement.  You must consider the wiring of your home and  the practicality (good for reading lamps, small windowless bathrooms, and tight spaces).  If your wall is not wired for sconces, you’ll have to have the walls opened (if you already have a ceiling fixture, the process of installation is simpler).  You might also need structural support if your desired placement is not over a stud.  It is best to consult with a professional when seeking to install your sconces- let me tell you from experience: electric shock is NOT fun!

A Crystal Deco sconce

Now for the fun part: finding a sconce to really polish the look of your room! There are so many unique and beautiful sconces that can really act as artistic accents in addition to their functionality. Choose from an array of styles, colors, sizes, and lighting moods.  Here’s a small gallery of neat sconces I love:

Traditional- metal with a floral design.
Glass and metal Art Deco sconces
Paris vintage- carved from an Ostrich egg!!
the Leucos “Pilistino” sconce: organic, yet modern
An ethereal glow with starfish shapes, “MGX Quin”
Sconces made from rock crystal- LOVE!
Crystal-ball sconces add a beautiful aura to a bedroom- and double as reading lamps!

Now you know- Sconces are a great way to bring some flair and some lightness into a room!

-Decor by GG


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