Why I love The U.S.A.


As a young schoolboy growing up in France, I obstinately told my teacher, “I don’t need to learn English! I’m never going to use it!!” Yet here I am, many years later, living in the great city of NYC with my own business- and an American citizenship.

I initially came to the US in my late teens, to work in Palm Beach, FL with my cousin’s European Decor and Faux finishing business.  I don’t think I ever expected to fall in love with this country, but I did- enough to go through the arduous process of applying for a citizenship. Here are some of the reasons I love the U.S.A.!

The American Dream Can Happen

Granted, it takes a lot of hard work, luck, and learning from mistakes along the way, but if you stay firm in your goals and really commit your time and effort, you can create a good life for yourself here.  I’ve always admired the tenacity of many of the Americans I’ve met- they’ve worked through adversity to earn the life and happiness they’ve wanted for themselves and their families.  I’m always amazed and inspired by the stories of immigrants throughout U.S. history who came to our shores with almost nothing, and seized the opportunities available to make a secure and fulfilling life.

The Strong Work Ethic

Americans are dedicated to their work and to making things happen.  For the most part, they genuinely care about performing at their top level and using the best of their abilities.  I’ve met several people who not only work very hard- they love their jobs, too.  It’s great to see people in high-level positions of all races, genders, and backgrounds here in NYC, which cannot be said of all countries!

A Diversity of Regions

While Americans work hard, they play hard, too!  It’s incredible how many different parts of the U.S. you could visit, and experience cultures that are vastly diverse.  From the Southwestern deserts to the Islands of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, it’s incredible that these are part of the same country! Personally, I like to do my relaxing in Martha’s Vineyard, but the rest of the G-Team like seeing the lights of Las Vegas, the mountains of Alaska, and the sea life on the Coast of Maine.

The People

Although I love dearly the friends and family back in France, I’ve carved out my own “American Family” over here as well. I’ve sustained close relationships and friendships that have made my time here even more fulfilling. Although friends and family are a common part of life all over the world, the specific people I’ve met here are one of the best parts of my life here. Having close relationships and companionship makes life anywhere better, and I am most grateful for the people in my life over the years that have made my American experience a rich one.



2 thoughts on “Why I love The U.S.A.

  1. Merci mon grand de savoir dire combien ce beau pays t’a apporté et combien tes amis et ta famille américaine ont été un grand soutien et un réconfort pour toi et pour nous qui vivons en France!

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