Three Pink Summer Drinks

Whether you are relaxing out in the Hamptons or chilling in the city this weekend, it is definitely time for some refreshments!  Here are a few recipes from the Martha Stewart Summer Drinks collection that are not only delicious, but such beautiful colors, too. When entertaining, it’s always a great idea to think of the color palette you are using for foods, drinks, and garnishes- you can make a statement without buying too much party decor (although I LOVE having fresh flowers and plants around)!

Think Pink and Drink Pink!

Happy Weekend from the G-Team


Watermelon Mojito

4 large mint leaves

            1/2 lime

            1 tablespoon superfine sugar

            4 ounces seedless watermelon, cut into 1/2-inch cubes (about 3/4 cup), plus a small wedge for garnish

            2 ounces white rum

            1/2 cup ice cubes


In a heavy large glass, combine mint, lime, and sugar. Using a muddler, mash together mint and lime until sugar is dissolved. Add watermelon, and muddle until broken down. Stir in rum and ice cubes. Pour into an 8-ounce serving glass and garnish with a watermelon wedge. Serve immediately.


Raspberry Lemonade

10 sliced lemons

            2 cups raspberries

            1 1/2 cups sugar

            6 cups water

            2 1/4 cups tequila blanco (optional)

            Mint, for garnish


Combine lemons, raspberries, and sugar in a large pot. Pound the mixture firmly with the end of a straight rolling pin (or a large wooden spoon), extracting as much juice as possible, about 10 minutes. Stir in water. Pour through a sieve into a large bowl. Press the solids until all juice is extracted. Discard the solids. Serve over ice.

You can make this into a cocktail by stirring the tequila into the lemonade, served with ice and garnished with mint.  


Pink Salty Dog

Coarse salt, for rim of glass

            Grapefruit slice, for garnish

            1/3 cup freshly squeezed pink grapefruit juice

            2 tablespoons vodka

            1 tablespoon Campari liqueur, or grenadine

            1 to 1/2 cups ice cubes


Place salt in a saucer. Moisten the rim of a glass with a grapefruit slice. Dip rim in salt. Combine juice and vodka with Campari or grenadine in the jar of a blender; blend. With the motor running, add ice until fully incorporated and slushy. Pour into prepared glass.


**Thanks to the Martha Stewart Team for these drink recipes!**


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