Spring Cleaning- good for everyone!

Now that Spring has almost turned into summer, make sure you get that annual spring cleaning in before it’s too late!  Over the last few weeks, I’ve been encouraging my clients, friends, and employees to go through their things and donate whatever they don’t really need (or absolutely love).  Stuff accumulates more than we realize, and besides, now you’ll have more room afterwards for new purchases… 😉

Housing Works is a great NYC institution- it is an organization that provides aid to people with  HIV/AIDS, mental and physical disabilities, and providing empowerment to those who are homeless and unemployed to find work and a safe place to live.

Housing Works Auction room

One of the great things about housing works is that it profits from donations and thrift stores- you can donate your old stuff that’s still in good condition (and get a tax refund), and proceeds from its sale will go back into the community.  The thrift stores carry high-quality designer and vintage furniture, clothes, decor, books, and more! There are special events like fair days, book readings, and  auctions that bring people together and raise money for a great cause!


This year we donated some art pieces that were incorporated into the Designer’s room for the “Design on a Dime” event.  Don’t they look great?

I hope you’ll de-clutter your home and bring your unwanted stuff to HousingWorks (or any other charitable thrift store).  Who knows?  You might find something wonderful while you’re there!


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