Museums- off the beaten path

Museums can be a great source of inspiration and sometimes a visit can be the motivation one needs to get the ball rolling on a creative project! I’m sure you already know about the Met, the Moma, and the Whitney- which are all great institutions.  However, there are many other museums with masterful collections that deserve a visit (a bonus that they are also not too bogged down by tourists!).


Javier Perez, Carrona,  2011

This photo is from a current installation at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD, 2 Columbus Circle), titled Glasstress:  New Works from the Venice Biennales. MAD museum is one of my favorites places to see cutting-edge works in a range of designed objects. You can find things that will awe you in their beauty, thoughtfulness, and processes.


Lathe VII chair, Sebastian Brajkovic, 2006



Dance at Bougival, Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1883)

The Frick Collection is a rare gem, tucked into a former residential mansion on 1 East 70th st.  Once owned by Henry Clay Frick, it houses a surprisingly large collection of European masterworks- paintings (famously, the Renoirs), sculptures, Limoges porcelain, and decorative pieces. I tell my apprentices to visit and check out the faux finish styles used in the interiors!  It is a great spot to spend a quiet afternoon looking at artwork (no children under the age of ten admitted).


Interior of the Frick Collection



Courtyard at the Cloisters Museum

If you really want to feel like you are transported to another time and place (sometimes you need to escape this crazy city, even for awhile!), take a daytrip to the Cloisters, which is a museum located in Ft. Tryon park in Upper West Manhattan.  It is a recreation of several Medieval European abbeys, which house medieval artworks and historical elements, and is an extension of the Met Museum.  Even if you are not particularly a fan of Medieval art, it is really worth a trip- you won’t believe you are in NYC anymore.  It is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parks, perfect for a picnic beforehand!


          The Unicorn In Captivity, from the Unicorn Tapestries (1495-1505)

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike you- sometimes you have to go out and search for it…

Happy Friday from the G-Team


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