Guess the Mystery Object and win!

It’s a great friday afternoon hereImage at Decor by GG- we all had a wonderful time last night celebrating the Cocktail reception at the Dining and Design show for DIFFA (Beautiful people!  Fabulous tables! Open bar! Delicious Hors d’oeuvres!).  We’ll do another post early next week about the show, for which we donated a crystallized art piece in support of AIDS research.

Recently, I bought some unusual objects upstate at an antique store.  I quizzed all of the G-Team to guess what these are used for- no one got it right!  So I am putting out a little contest to see who can come up with the answer, and the first correct guess gets a special prize! 

Here are a few clues:   I bought three of these type of items, they aren’t all used together (i.e. you really only need to use one at a time). They are all pure silver, and about 3.5″ in length.  There is a screw on the side used to pull the ends in.  Just send me a message with your best guess, and we’ll reveal the answer at the end of next week! Have a wonderful weekend- see if you can make it to the DIFFA Dining and Design show this weekend at Piers 92 & 94!




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