Get the Green Thumb!

Orchids are sophisticated and fit a wide range of decor styles!

As we’re getting ready and excited for an early spring, what better way to bring in a nice potted flower arrangement into your home?  Shelling out for a professional or pre-made arrangement is unnecessary- save money AND show your crafty skills by making your own! Here is a tutorial video with some basics of flower arrangement-making.

Here’s what you need to begin:

Your pot or container; potted plants (orchids)- we buy ours wholesale at NYC’s flower market; forest wood chips (soaked in cool water), staghorn moss; aquarium stones or pebbles; long, thin reeds/bamboos/sticks for support; waxed string

A few tips:

-water weekly with a mister spray bottle

-soak the wood to keep some moisture in the bottom for your plants to drink

-I like to match the color of the pot and rocks for continuity and a modern look

-Before buying plants, make sure you have some buds- and make sure they look green and healthy

-Have fun and enjoy your hands-on project!


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