Sit in style!

One of the most classic Parisian experiences is bistro dining.  Take in the sights, sounds, smells around you as you dine on fresh- baked baguette, wine, and perhaps a plate of coq au vin or mussels!  One way I love to incorporate these memories into my life back here in NYC is by bringing the bistro chair into my (and my clients’) own homes.

Bistro sets come in almost every color, weave pattern, and chair style imaginable!

The origin of the bistro tradition most likely arose from the boarding house or inn, where tenants,  guests, and the public could purchase hearty meals and drinks from the kitchen downstairs.  Eventually, limited space pushed the dining area out onto the sidewalk, now a ubiquitous “bistro” setting.  The etymology of the word bistro has been a subject of debate: some urban legends say it is from the Russian occupation of 1815, when soldiers yelled “bystro!” (“quickly!”).  Many French linguists disagree, since there is no recorded use of this word until the late 19th century.  Some attribute the name to an aperitif called a bistrouille, which was commonly served.


The brand that I recommend and use the most is SAS MAISON DRUCKER (depuis 1885), which was started in Paris in 1885 by a 21-year old Louis Drucker, and remains high quality and both traditional and innovative to this day!


customize with the color wheel!


a variety of patterns

Made of high-quality rattan from tropical forests in Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, these chairs come in almost every color, pattern and chair style you could possibly dream of! Customize your own fabulous dining set for a bit of French élan!


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