Finding Inspiration

Welcome to the New year, fresh beginnings, and exciting new projects!  As many of you know, I visited Paris and my hometown in the South west of France for the Holidays.  My blog topic for today is about discovering new things to inspire you, whether it be from your travels or sitting down at home with a good magazine or computer!

Paris decked out for the Holidays

Finding inspiration can feel like an intimidating task- but don’t let it daunt you!  One of the best ways to get things really cranking is to collect your images.  Take lots of snapshots with your smartphone or digital camera- and I mean LOTS!  Here is a sample of photos that inspired me on my travels to Paris:

Be inspired by the colors, shapes and textures of fashion, food, furniture, interiors, nature, and whatever piques your interest!  The best way to create a space or project really “you” is to put everything together in one place that you love- so you can kind of get a visual collection of your personality.

While I’m not travelling (and believe me, I’m often too busy), I go through my hundreds of magazines I’ve amassed over the years and take out the pages that have elements that I want to recreate or look to for myself.  I find that even old magazines are extremely helpful, and sometimes even better for unexpected finds!

magazine page for my "pink" inspiration folder
magazine clipping for my "faux finish" folder
magazine clipping for my "showstopping elements" folder

I organize the images I find into different folder types such as “inspiration rooms”, “pink”, “showstopping elements”, and “faux finishes”.   I have them all scanned onto my computer for easy access, and you can even see my lookbooks on my business facebook page!  I hope you have much luck in the New Year and in finding what inspires YOU!



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