You won’t want to get cranberry sauce on these!*

*But you can, because they’re washable.

Holiday greetings from all of us at Decor by GG!  We’ve come up with a fun project to add a bit of sparkle to your Thanksgiving table.  Here is an instructional video to show you how to make some hand-painted decorated napkins.

Materials List:

Cloth napkins; Assortment of small brushes, including a fine detail brush; Acrylic paints (light green, dark green, metallic gold); Denril paper (for making stencil); Stencil print out from the blog site;  Exacto knife; Fine-tipped sharpie; Cups for mixing paint; water

(optional)gold glitter paint; Glittering glue and loose green glitter (I prefer Martha Stewart brand)

**all materials can be found at most art/craft supply stores, with the exception of the cloth napkins!

To make the stencil, you can print out our template here.  It should come out to around six inches, and make sure the circles line up with each other (you don’t need to cut them out).  Take the exacto knife and carefully cut out the shapes- you will only need one stencil for several napkins, so take your time and make it nice!

You can do this project for several different occasions besides Thanksgiving- hand painting on fabric is a technique we use often for linens, drapery, lampshades, pillows, and more.  It is washable and permanent!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving shared with loved ones, delicious food, and a festive atmosphere!

-the G Team


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