Up in Armoires


           As every savvy New Yorker knows, you’ve got to make the most of every inch of space in your place- which is why I’m going to showcase one of my favorite pieces of furniture that is both stylish and organizationally functional.

     The armoire is a large cabinet chest with shelves and drawers.  It has been a common type of furniture as early as the 16th century in France.  The word armoire comes from the Latin root arma (gear, tools, arms) and the Latin armarium (“closet, chest, place for implements or tools”).   Although we most likely won’t be storing tools or weapons in our armoires, it makes a wonderful storage space for collections of things such as books, clothes, shoes, and other things that you don’t want cluttering up your apartment! 

My own armoire was purchased from an auction in Upstate New York, and was previously owned by Kelly Klein!  You can view her blog entry on Habitually Chic:


It is 11.5 feet high, 13 feet wide, and is crafted of Mahogany wood with details of cast iron and leather trays on the inside.   I keep my large set of ironstone (more about this type of cookware in a future blog!) in the very top shelf of my own armoire, and use the top to showcase my marble bust collection.

Let me tell you: don’t be intimidated by size!  An armoire can become a treasured piece of furniture and a great statement piece for your home.  Although I strongly encourage scouting out auctions and antique stores for some amazing finds, you can purchase some beautiful and high-quality armoires from several retailers as well.  Here are some sites for your inspiration:

STAIR Home Page


Now you know a stylish way to store!


7 thoughts on “Up in Armoires

  1. The best thing about armoires are they are so useful and decorative at the same time. The bigger an armoire is, the better. Your armoire is the best example of it. Lots of stuff to keep, especially things that are valuable to you like your collectible items (those marble collections of yours looks fantastic!). It’s also a very stylish piece of furniture. It gives a a sophisticated impression to any room.

  2. G, I love it, I also have such a huge collection of Ironstone too… I should send you some pieces. Let me know if there is anything that you are looking for. I love all of your work, you are so unbelievably talented!!! Love to see more pics of your house and would love to get together the next time I am in NYC. Hope all is fabulous, cant wait to catch up

    Kate (Barrette) Kazlo

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