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Custom Candles

I can’t believe it’s September already! Now that the summer’s over, I begin to focus on HOLIDAY GIFTS!! Yes, I just said Holiday Gifts. You may think it’s way to early to be thinking about this, but I’m already seeing Halloween candy in stores. The Holiday’s sneak up on you and I don’t want to do my shopping in the busy season when everyone else is franticly shopping for last-minute gifts. I guess I get this from my mother since I’m pretty sure her Holiday Gifts are already wrapped.

Anyway…I thought the custom candle program at sedafrance would be a perfect gift for the Holiday’s.

Step 1: Choose your fragrance from 10 different scents

Step 2: Send in your art, monogram or logo that you want on the box and candle

Step 3: Choose your box colors (I would obviously do PINK)

Step 4: Pick out a coordinating ribbon to match

Candles are a great and easy present, everyone can use them since there not gender specific or age specific. Candles are not a necessity but everyone can use one time to time.

These candles would also be good as wedding/party give-a-ways. They also have Birthday candles that  look so good I want to eat them!!
Now you know that it’s never to early too be thinking of Holiday Gifts,  you should probably get started. Plus it’s on Oprah’s it list, so it has to be good!
Now you Know

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