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“Now You Know” It’s Not Magic, It’s WILCO!

Recently I have been spending a lot of time in Brooklyn. Now, before everyone gasps let me explain that NO, I am not becoming alternative, in fact my reasoning is strictly business. What business could I possibly be conducting in Brooklyn you might ask? Well, there happens to be this fabulous plating and polishing factory in Brooklyn called Wilco Finishing Corp. Since my clients have tons of great furniture pieces that happen to have age and rust a bit, I have been sending these pieces to Wilco to be refinished and neatly polished. In fact after my 10th time going, I realized HEY, WHAT AN INEXPENSIVE WAY TO HAVE NEWLY FINISHED PIECES WITHOUT HAVING TO THROW THE OLD OUT AND BUY NEW! Wilco is not a place you bring your diamond necklace to be polished ladies, it works on a much larger scale. So for example let’s say those fabulous Barcelona Chairs that you’ve had for 15+ years have been completely banged and scratched. Don’t throw them out! The chrome legs will always be classic. Instead of buying a new pair, walk your Barcelona legs to Wilco and they will come out brand spanking new! It’s amazing. OR let’s say your tired of all of your hardware being a gold-plated finish (or silver) take them to Wilco and they will be dipped into a new finish. VOILA! you walk out with a whole new set of hardware! Just to put it into perspective of how amazing this process really is, you get the same exciting feeling when you buy something brand new as you do when you walk out with your newly polished pieces!

 Wilco Finishing Corp.

(718) 417-1060
1288 Willoughby Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11237-290


G Team


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