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The other night, I saw one of the most beautiful, heartfelt plays: “The People In The Picture”.  You don’t have to be a thespian to enjoy this Roundabout Theatre Company production; you just have to be human!   Personally, this play hit really close to home and caused my emotions and feelings to fly all over the place.   But, let me tell you, I was not the only one!   I was crying, laughing, and even crying from laughing.  I was so relieved to be sitting next to  my friend, Victoria who had a few extra tissues on hand; otherwise, I would have walked out of that theatre with my blood shot eyes and sniffled nose.  

This play moved me is because it touched upon so many themes:  shared memories, inspiration, laughter and family heritage.  This is exactly what I want to discuss in this blog entry today.  In life and in my life (regarding design), the most influential person was my grandmother, Victorine Bernard.  On Tuesday night, I relived all those moments when I sat in the audience watching “The People in The Picture” in the once-fabulous night spot and now beautiful theatre: Studio 54.  I’d like to dedicate this blog entry to not only my grandmother who I miss everyday, feeling her ever-lasting prescence on every project, but also to my friend Stefany Bergson.  Stefany, one of the producers of the show, sent me an invitation to preview the show before tonight’s opening.   SO, my fellow followers, if you are a Donna Murphy fan, a Broadway fan, someone who loved their grandmother, their mother, their daughter this may just be the play of the people!  AND, it would make a GREAT and creative Mother’s Day gift!   Watch the video below that explores the play in more detail!

Thank you Stephanie and Simon.




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