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“Now You Know” DIFFA – DINING BY DESIGN 2011

Well as many of you know, or don’t know but are about to find out, I love giving to charity!  Last night I attended the DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) “DINING BY DESIGN” dinner and auction. The whole night took place and was sponsored by the annual Architectural Digest show by Architectural Digest Magazine. This blog entry is dedicated to not only DIFFA for the beautiful event and amazing food; but also to Margaret Russell (editor in chief of AD Magazine) for her touching speech last night. If it wasn’t for her, DINING BY DESIGN wouldn’t exist!

My own personal donation came in a little package that many of you should be familiar with: Elisa. As much as Elisa has been a large part of my ever-growing career, I felt it was time to pass on her good-luck, and in what better way than through a donation! Thus, I donated Elisa to the auction last night and watched her shine on the stage as people fought for her love! To make a sappy story short, she was sold for a great price and an even better cause!

BYE BYE ELISA! You will be missed here at the office of Decor by Guillaume Gentet! Oh and I almost forgot. DIFFA was so grateful for my donation, they even gave me a page in their sponsorship catalog!! THANK YOU!




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