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“Now You Know” We Saw It First, Houndstooth Print on Decor!

Sorry if this photo seems to be repetitive BUT, this week’s HOT LIST/TREND ALERT in Elle Decor focuses on our favorite: houndstooth. Hellooooo, sorry Elle Decor but your a few years late. We spotted the fabulousness of the houndstooth print years ago! After all, the Elisa houndstooth printed dresser was executed  by none other than moi. It was shown at the Architectural Digest Show and was a huge hit! Now it just sits looking beautiful in my office 🙂  For those of you who aren’t aware of my painterly techniques, Elisa (shown above) is my favorite among my elogmise pieces.  Verre elogmise requires a silver overlay(which create a mirror-like affect) and  then apply paint on the reverse side of the glass. Glad Elle Decor caught on to the trend, but lets not forget where we saw it first my friends!


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