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Wiz Khalifa may be singing about the love for his city: Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, however us NYERS are even more excited! We’ve changed those “Black and Yellow” lyrics  to BLUE AND ORANGE! BLUE AND ORANGE! For those of you have been under a rock for the past 2 weeks, the Knicks have acquired Carmelo Anthony, and for the first time in 5 years Knicks fans have hope that their once-been all-star team is making a come back!!!!!!! So this blog entry is dedicated to all you Knicks fans or NYERS for that matter! CITY PATRIOTISM PEOPLE!

This excitement of patriotism has also sparked a new blog category for us! Once a week we will pick a topic in current events that have inspired us design and interior wise. So thanks to Mr. Melo…BLUE AND ORANGE IS ON OUR SCHEDULE TODAY! Below we have chosen several images that we just adore due to the color scheme of blue and orange (two colors most wouldn’t think to put together)! Check it out!

Love, love, love this De Gournay print on silk. The orange bamboo trees really add some pizzazz to the light blue background. The vibrancy of the orange gives the commonly traditional fabric some modernity and youth!


This room epitomizes our love for blue and orange as partners in crime. The blue-based summer-house  has a very serene feel to it. But the orange accents, although minimal, tie the room together. The splash of the orange accents in the lamp near the bedside table, the plant on the rustic desk and the beach towel make the house sparkle like fish swimming in a vast blue ocean.

The orangey-firey-red of this rug adds a Morr0can feel to the traditional print.

Any one wanna play ball? This lucite sculpture by Jean-Claude Farhi is “ALL NET” in my book!

Who says Rorschach ink-blots are meant only for the doctors office? This photo depicts how beautiful these hand painted ink-blots are as art, and even better in blue and orange! Black and white was so winter, we are calling for spring now!

We j’adore these new hand-stiched Stitched collection wallpapers from David Rockwell for Maya Romanoff. We love the weathered texture they have!

Last but not least, as we’ve learned, orange adds a nice effect to traditional homes. Take a look at the photo below. The very neutral palatte room pops thanks the to flowered sculpture above the mantle. 


Thanks Carmelo! Watch the Knicks tonight, we are going to buck the Bucks out of our city! And if we don’t, well at least we’ll look good doing so!!!

Thanks for reading! Feedback on our new category would be great!!!


Brittany Marom at the GG Team



  1. Thrilled to have Carmelo. I have a problem with people taking a song that was reasonably creative about a town and just changing it for their own purpose. I think if your song is going to rep your town its got to be original.

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