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“Now You Know” Where I Get My Clean Linen Scent From!

Snowy days are my favorite time to go crazy and clean the apartment from top to bottom, literally! In this blog entry I am going to share one of my top household essentials. This product leaves my linens and clothes smelling better than new. I have tried every cleaning product out there, and I swear that this by far the best. I present to all of you: “Le Blanc Inc.” their product that works wonders on ALL stains. The LINEN WASH® in particular is the stain-buster. This product comes in 4 scents as well as fragrance-free. “Whether caring for a new linen or restoring an old one, Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will do the trick in removing tough stains from fine fabrics. Le Blanc® LINEN WASH® will remove red wine, lipstick, grease, coffee, blood, yellow age stains and many more stains without the use of BLEACH, CAUSTICS or PHOSPHATES. Its Neutral pH balance makes it safe enough to use on linens, 100% Egyptian Cottons, synthetics, and blends.”

Once you fall in love with the basic wash, I would recommend trying their other products. Their linen spray is a must-have. No time to iron your clothes before going out? No worries! Spray the wrinkles right out of your clothing. A few shots of linen spray and you can walk out of your apartment smelling clean and wrinkle free.

Find these amazing product at a store near you by visiting their website:

I have personally most commonly found these products at Gracious Home. If that isn’t conveniently located, take a look at their website and you could find Linen Wash is sold at a store right down the street from you.





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