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“Now You Know” A Sexy Way to Toast to Your Amour(s) this Valentines Day.

If your single this Valentine’s Day, don’t you dare feel left out! Every year America celebrates this cheesy, Hallmark holiday  (aka America makes a big buck off of “Made in China” gear) by selling some of the most horrid, kitschy gifts in stores. SAVE YOUR $5 ON BAD CHOCOLATE! Let’s get creative and make holiday-love gear personal, yet accessible for singles and couples alike. This Valentine’s day we are making sugar-coated shaped hearts on our wine glasses! This holiday treat works well for parties or intimate moments. Not only is it easy, fun, and inexpensive! But it also tastes good too!


1. Gather all of your wine glasses together

2. Create a 3×3″ heart stencil out of paper

3. Place the stencil on the glass.

4. In a horizontal direction, lightly brush the lime or lemon juice where the cut out of the stencil is.

5. Sprinkle the dyed sugar fragments onto the glue-like liquid.

6. Place glasses in the refridgerator and leave them over night.


VOILA! You have your very own decorative, wine glasses to celebrate the holiday!

Don’t be HATERS like Jessica Biel in Valentines Day

Be LOVERS! Celebrate with friends and family! This holiday is about showing love to the important people around you, not just your significant other!




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