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“Now You Know” Tips to keep the winter outside so your house stays nice and dry!

This week’s blog entries are dedicated to the weather! You can’t help but go outside. Whether walking to the train, car, cab or just plain walking, it’s snowy out and it’s not going to stop! This blog entry is going to teach you how to keep the slushy dirt ridden carpet of NYC’s sidewalks out of your house! We will even make it chic, easy and inexpensive as we always do. This trick is super easy and looks great under your feet and in your foyer.

Buy any size tray, this depends on the amount and size of feet in your house. Fill the bottom of the tray with stones (found at garden centers). Place this tray right near the door so every time you go in or out you can leave your shoes on top of it. The ice and snow will melt, and drain through the rocks to the bottom of the tray. Not only will your floors stay clean, but your boots will be way more cozy and warm the next time you step into them! The water will usually evaporate but you should still clean out the tray regularly.

We know the snow can be frustrating, but it can also hurt! Especially for our little ones…now I know you all must be thinking, how can the snow hurt our kids? Well ladies and gents, dogs are your kids too aren’t they?! Dogs LOVE playing in the snow (don’t deprive them of their fun!) but sometimes the salt used to melt the snow (snow spoilers) can hurt their teeny tiny paws! If your one of those people, like me, who don’t torture their dogs with snow shoes, you can easily prevent dog-paw injuries by dipping their feet in hot water after a day of playing. Leave the bucket near the door so you remember to clean off their paws as well as a towel to dry them after. Voila! Everyone is happy!

Why look like this?!

When he could be happy like so!


-G Team!



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