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“Now You Know” Meet NYC’s Next Martha Stewart!

This blog entry is dedicated to none other than Ms. Lily A herself. She is the daughter of a long time client of mine and through the years I have watched her grow into wonderful, young woman as well as quite the seamstress! Lily has been taking sewing classes and has created this adorable bookmark as a thank you gift for me! Since we at Decor by Guillaume Gentet are always looking for fresh, do it yourself ideas, I thought what better blog entry than how to create your own bookmark! We are always overwhelmed with tons of leftover fabric and samples so instead of throwing it out, we gave it to Lily to practice and make her own designs and creations. You too can recycle your fabric and create a fabulous bookmark just like Lily! Thanks Lily we love the gift! Below is the template for Lily’s bookmark…let’s see what you can create!


Now You Know

-G Team

Lily’s bookmark and thank you note…how sweet. 🙂


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