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“Now You Know” HOW TO WRAP PRESENTS! Wrapping paper can be such a fuss, leftover fabric is a must!

Everyone has leftover linens sitting in their closet somewhere. Whether it’s from making your kids costumes, or attempting to start your own clothing line (it’s OK we’ve all been there) reusing the extra fabric can make any present seem considerably more thoughtful and creative! In this blog entry we are going to teach you how extra fabric and ribbon can make any holiday present seem that much more sweet! Wrapping paper is such a waste, no one actually ever reuses it, but with fabric not only do you get to use it again, so does the person receiving the present! (Lets just hope they don’t wrap next years gift to you in the same fabric 🙂 More importantly, if your sending a gift in tissue paper, it usually arrives all wrinkled and messy! YUCKK! (HUGE PET PEEVE) So get creative! Make the special gifts that you picked out for the special people in your lives as meaningful as you would wanted them presented to you (no pun intended) GET WRAPPING!

Step 1: Always have the important side of the gift facing down; so when they unwrap it, the children’s eyes light-up with excitement right away at the sight of their gift!

Step 2: Wrap your present in a decorative, fun shape and style! We wrapped our gift like a tootsie roll! Use your ribbon to tie it altogether!






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