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“Now You Know” How to make your very own XMAS wreath!

Everyone loves adorning the Christmas tree, but why let all the fun stop there! This blog is going to teach you how to use your leftover popcorn or if you get bored decorating your tree you can make your very own Christmas wreath. WARNING: fun to do with your kids but DO NOT let them eat the materials!


1. Fake, plastic candy that you can buy at any Michaels or art store

2. Bags of popcorn

3. Plastic gingerbread man and gingerbread house

4. Styrofoam wreath- also at your local Michaels

5. Red ribbon

6. Glue gun

Step 1: Glue your house to the wreath

Step 2: Glue your popcorn. String sour gummies together and wrap them around the popcorn. Also glue your gingerbread man!

Step 3: Wrap your red ribbon around the top and hang your wreath!






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