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“Now You Know” How to make Hanukkah equally as fun as Christmas for your kids!

There are some perks to Hanukkah: 8 days of presents and well…that’s really about it. I guess twirling a dreidel is fun, eating the chocolate money tastes good but let’s be honest, compared to Christmas’s overblown commercial ridden Holiday with lights, trees, decorations, and a jolly fat man who delivers tons of presents, Hanukkah is kind of boring! In this blog entry I am going to teach everyone how to make Hanukkah fun for you and your kids, taste good, and give a little history lesson all at once by making POTATO LATKES. This is a fun, easy and a delicious activity to do with your kids and it even correlates with the importance of Hanukkah! Latkes, also known as potato pancakes, are fried in oil in recognition of the ancient lamps that held only enough oil for one day but miraculously burned for eight. That’s why we have eight days of Hanukkah! Now for the fun part!


– all-purpose flour

–  plain breadcrumbs

-coarse salt

– freshly ground pepper

-large eggs



-peanut oil or vegetable oil

Voila! Happy Hanukkah everyone! Enjoy those latkes I know here at the G office we sure will!




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