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“Now You Know” Recycle and Save for your Thanksgiving centerpiece!

Just because Halloween is over, doesn’t mean you have to throw out your pumpkins (unless you carved them out of course). My assistant and I bought this beautiful white pumpkin right before Halloween and it was just much too beautiful to throw out! So as I was walking past a flower store and in the window was a $95 flower bouquet stuffed in a pumpkin. I thought YES lets adorn the Thanksgiving table with an overabundance centerpiece using a pumpkin  as the vase and stuff it with lots and lots of flowers! I put my creative cap on and went to work. I picked these flowers out in the suburbs myself but go into any flower store in the flower district OR even your local Bodega and you too can have a fruitful bouquet.


$5.00 -for the pumpkin (if you don’t already have one left over)

$25.00 -for the flowers

$0.00 for the branch (from the outside)

$3.45 -Flower foam from the super market for the inside of the pumpkin

Total:  large center piece $33.45


Step 1. Pick a color scheme, we went with yellow. Grabbed every yellow flower they had. Try and stay in the yellows, oranges, reds seeing that it is still fall!

Step 2. Carve out your pumpkin!

Step 3. Cut the foam according to the diameter of the pumpkin. Start with the lower lever and start adding the flowers to the elevations creating an explosion of flowers coming out of the base.

Step 4. Place the tallest flowers in the center – this creates an organized sphere and a beautiful, bountiful bouquet. Remember STUFF STUFF STUFF…think abundance! As Thanksgiving should be.

It’s not only creative but you also get to recycle! It’s easy, inexpensive and looks so beautiful!! So save that $95 that you would’ve spent on the bouquet and go shopping for black Friday!



Now you save some $$$ so you can go spend for black Friday!


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