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“Now You Know” Who doesn’t love fall?!

Fall is by far my favorite season! The crisp cool air, all the local stands with their overabundance of colorful fruit and vegetables, apple picking and pumpkin picking! I could go on forever. Although the summer maybe fun in the Hampton’s, I must say the fall is just so much more beautiful. If you get a chance before all the leaves fall off; take a drive out East! You can see foliage, maybe pick the last of the apples that are left, and best of all: local farm stand hopping! Support the local farmers!! In return you will have non-pesticide delicious veggies! Below you will find one of my FAVORITE local farm stands on Route 27. Right in between Watermill and Southampton. My goofy assistant, Brittany Marom, and I had so much fun buying fruits and veggies. They make great gifts for not only ourselves but for friends and family too! If you go wild and buy out the entire stand the way we did…use the green wagon!





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