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“Now You Know” How to Store, Save and Recycle! (literally)


Shelving can be expensive, especially if you want to frame your possessions in a unique manner, highlighting the importance of your object(s). This blog entry is dedicated to all you handy, eco-friendly people who love to get creative and without having to spend a lot of money doing so! The best part is you not only create an adorable shelf, but you also recycle! Being proactive about helping the environment is important here at Decor by GG and we try doing so whenever possible. Find an old wooden crate of some sort, a box to case wine or fruits and veggies could work. Ask your local wine store if they have any left over that they wouldn’t mind giving away! Buy two 90 degree square brackets for strength and for keeping everything leveled. Have a drill and screws on site and drill away, placing the box right on top of the brackets! This shelf could look great in any room or situation, especially in your kitchen! We call it tres-green-chic!


Now You Know!



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