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“Now You Know!” DIY Halloween Decor!

The first DIY Halloween decor entry may have been a tad difficult for some, however have no fear, I still have two more entries that will teach you and your kids how to create easy, inexpensive, and original Halloween ornaments! Not everyone has the time to sit by their door and wait for trick or treaters to come by, well if you are one of those people I have the perfect solution for you! DIY Halloween candy basket! This can be used for your kids to trick or treat with OR if you aren’t home or don’t want to be bothered, leave this adorable basket on your door and let the kids pick the candies for themselves!

Step 1: On a piece of cloth write out the word that you want to sew onto your Halloween candy bag. For example our word is: BOO! Then with an exacto knife, carefully slice out each letter leaving the extra fabric behind for trash.

Step 2: With your embroidery ring, trace the diameter of the ring onto the orange cloth. Cut out the newly formed circle. This will be the bottom of your bag. Then cut a 16″ width rectangle out of your orange cloth and let the length be the width of your diameter + 2 extra inches!

Step 3: Sew the circle to the edge of the rectangle and then close the two ends of the rectangle by sewing them shut. With the two extra inches that you left over, fold them over forming a space big enough for your pink to fit through, and sew the folded over edge to the bag creating room to fit your embroidery ring.

Step 4: Turn the bag inside out and hot glue the BOO! letters to the bag. Then open your embroidery ring and slide it into the 2″ space that you created and shut it closed.

VOILA! You are ready to trick or treat with your newly created candy basket!


– The G team


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