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“NOW YOU KNOW” how to create your own ring bearer!

One of my best friends: Meredith Florino is getting married this weekend! She is going to make the most beautiful bride in her fall themed wedding. My wedding gift to her is to create and decorate the wedding party so it is her dream come true. I’ve had so much fun doing so and created a lot of items by hand. One of the elements I created is quite simple, inexpensive, multi-purposeful and fun. And you can DIY! Every wedding has an adorable ring bearer carrying the wedding bands. Now we know that the wedding bands are going to be fabulous so the pillow that they sit on has to be equally as fabulous without taking away from the rings (hard to do anyhow). So I created a ring bearer with the bride and groom’s initials painted on the pillow. Follow the directions below and you too can create your own personal ring bearer, pillow to hang on your door knob, or a great gift for friends and family!

Step 1: Trace the stencil on tracing paper. Then put the fabric underneath the tracing paper and poke tiny needle holes (with a needle) around the newly traced stencil. Make each hole about 1/16″ apart from each other.Step 2: Gently pour  tracing powder over the stencil. The powder will seep into the tiny holes you created onto the fabric itself leaving an outline of of the stencil.

Step 3: Using accrilyc paint and a fine fine brush, you will dilute the paint in water so that it appears ink like

Step 4: Using your brush and paint go over the powder creating a permenant and washable stencil.

Step 5: Once the paint dries take the painted fabric and the back of the pillow and place them facing each other with a string pinned on either sides. Thus the string should be in between the inside out fabrics.

Step 6: With a sewing machine sew all four sides leaving 2″ of unsewed space to turn it inside out and to stuff. Then stuff your pillow and finish sewing the last 2″

Finito! You have your own handcrafted ring bearer pillow!

NOW YOU KNOW! Ta ta for now! Show me how your pillow comes out!




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