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“NOW YOU KNOW” Your Hermes Dream Come True!

A couple of weeks ago David and I went to Montreal for a romantic getaway weekend. Aside from all the jazz bars, sightseeing and eating we did, I of course could not leave the city without at least ONE moment of shopping. After much reccomendation for the best store in Montreal, David and I wandered our way to Holt Renfrew: the “Barney’s” of Canada. Although there weren’t too many exciting items to buy (summer attire is so boring and fall had yet to come in) however, I did happen to find an entire department on the first floor dedicated to my ultimate fashion fantasy: Hermes! Of course David rolled his eyes but after seeing the excitement in mine we of course ventured in. As always there were the beautiful scarves, belts, handbags and shoes but then I stumbled upon something quite unexpected: a sellier. Also known as a storage box for a horseback rider’s saddle. It was utilitarian yet elegant like every other salivating item in the store, but what really caught my eye was the height and size of the sellier. Within that exact moment, I realized it is the same height as a standard side table, and the diameter is wide enough to bear several items. I was so excited I dragged David over to examine my new found gem: an Hermes side table. (see photo below). The best part about it is: how multi-functional it is! Since it is used to store a saddle, this side table not only goes great next to a couch, but it also can store throws and pillows in the summer time when they are not needed. OR it even functions as an over the top fashionable hamper! This decorative piece comes in two classic Hermes colors: blood orange and hunter green which is referred to as “khaki” at the store. The cover of the sellier is tin, thus it is easy to clean and no-fuss. The body of this piece is made of leather, and in a classy, barely noticeable yet still evident manner lies the Hermes signage, printed on the body of the object. The best part, and of course save the best for last, it is only $415! The same price one would spend on any end table yet this one is couture and way more stylish!!! Visit your local Hermes store to purchase this beautiful item, and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I know I’m not!





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