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“Now You Know” Scrubadubdub More Than Just A Tub!

Ladies and gents: we aren’t in Kansas anymore! Welcome to the clean and clear world of OZ Cream Polish. Who doesn’t hate those scratches all over the face of your stainless steel fridge or all over your car window?! Well I for one will not stand for such madness! Thanks to OZ I live in a scratch free world. OZ cleans, protects and polishes all enameled varnished and lacquered wood or metal surfaces, leather, linoleum, tile, glass, porcelain and masonite. Covered all the bases now? Not quite there is more! EXCELLENT FOR: Venetian blinds, Pianos, woodwork, all kitchen appliances, furniture, mirrors, windows, and bathroom fixtures. PHEW I just get tired from listing them but using the polish takes no energy out of you at all. OZ does not require excessive rubbing- the surface brightens immediately and will not show finger marks. The best part- it’s easily accessible (can be found at any hardware store, or and for just $12! So get scrubbing ladies- your furniture and future are all of a sudden looking a whole lot shinier! 😉




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