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“Now You Know” How to create a beautiful bouquet in 3 easy steps for under $25!

You don’t have to be a florist to create a beautiful bouquet. In fact you don’t even have to go to a floral shop to buy beautiful flowers! This blog entry is going to teach you how to DIY and create a beautiful flower bouquet in three simple steps for under $25. You will need the following materials to complete the task: flowers, foam (easily accessible at Jamali Garden 28th between 6th and 7th avenue http://www.jamaligarden.com/) a knife, and a vase or bowl of some sort to hold the flowers.

Step 1: Visit your local bodega and pick out flowers in a matching color scheme. For example in the photos above the color scheme for this bouquet was white and green. Then pick up some foam in order to hold the flowers in place. As you can see above, the marble bowl chosen for creating the bouquet is not quite deep enough to hold flowers, that is why we use the foam in order to keep them in place!

Step 2: Cut the foam according to the diameter of the vase. Start placing the fillers (flowerless stems) along the edges of the pot by sticking them into the foam.

Step 3: Place the tallest flowers in the center – this creates an organized sphere and a beautiful, bountiful bouquet.

Voilà! You are done! Depending on the placement and color scheme of the flowers, your bouquet can serve multi-purposes: being either romantic or structured.

Now you try because NOW YOU KNOW! Let us know how your flower bouquet came out! Speaking of multi-purpose, look out for our next blog entry on 3 different ways you can create a furniture piece from just one object!

Now You Know by G!


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