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“Now You Know!” Packing Light for Your Flight

When travelling, whether for leisure or business, bringing your computer is generally a must. However, now that the iPad is out, who needs to carry a heavy titanium computer! The iPad has all the features a computer has, but better! It is light, thin, all touch and with the click of a button it turns right on (you don’t have to wait for it to start-up like a computer)! You can still listen to your music, watch your movies, upload pictures, search the internet and write word documents but now you don’t have to lug around a heavy laptop to do so. The iPad is large enough to not misplace it or lose it like you might with iPods, and is light enough to not strain your back when needing a computer on site!

Once you have the technical devices packed away, it’s time to pack 3-1-1 style! This means packing to ensure a quick and easy checkpoint experience. TSA laws require no more than 3.4 ounce (100ml) bottles to be carried on the plane. So, collecting hotel shampoos, body wash and moisturizers come in handy because not only are they the perfect size, but they are great to reuse too! They fill the bottle requirement and have a safety cap so they wont open and spill all over your bag.

Never forget your wallet and always fly with cash. Depending on the airline, you may have to buy headphones, blankets, food ect. and several airlines will only take cash in exchange for their services.

Suffer from anxiety, insomnia  or you just need your vitamins? Well rather than carrying around all of your medication bottles (surprisingly take up a large amount of room) buy a plastic pill-box with several slots to separate, distinguish and compact all of your medication together!

Never forget your toothbrush; small tubes of toothpaste (buy at any Duane Reade) are more handy and fit the 3-1-1 rules for jetting.

Planes are contaminated with so many germs!  Although hand sanitizer is great, a more clean solution are: non alcohol based expandable towlettes. They work great for both hands and face. They are small, tightly compacted circular towels that expand once in water. The soap stays compacted in the towel and is good for one use so you can just dispose of them when finished. Visit your local Ricky’s for several options in scent and brand choice.

Now you are ready for your quick and easy check-in! With tips from hygienic products to consolidating all your medication and electronics, you are prepared to fly in style with little effort!

Bon Voyage, and let us know here at Decor by Guillaume how your carry on turned out! We love comments and pictures!




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