“Now You Know!”-How to Create a Light Packing Method for Your Flight contd.

This blog entry is a continuation from the first. Now that you have your bag packed, we will now teach you the most comfortable and affordable way to sleep on a plane: DIY and create your own cashmere pillow! Spending $300 on a small transportable pillow is unnecessary when you have a closet filled of unused, old cashmere sweaters and in 10 easy steps you will have a cashmere pillow of your own in 10 minutes. So in order to create the ultimate comfort trip you will need the following materials: one old cashmere sweater, one tempur-pedic airplane sized pillow, a pair of scissors, sewing machine and a measuring tape.

Step 1: lay your sweater across the floor

Step 2: cut under the arm from one side to the other. This should give you two pieces of the sweater, the top and bottom.

Step 3: Take the bottom half piece of the sweater and cut along the seams on both sides so you should be left with a front and back portion of the bottom half.

Step 4: Take the front (or back) of these newly cut halves and fold it over vertically so the two roughly cut ends are aligned. Then cut this in half as well. You can dispose of the back half or keep it in case you need to start over!

Step 5: Take the back of the sweater (remained untouched) and face the outer side upwards. Then take one of the smaller pieces and lay it on top of the bigger piece with the ribbed detailing in the middle. The inside should be facing up with this piece.

Step 6: Then take your second strip and place it in the same direction as the first but put it 2″ over the first piece.

Step 7: Pin all three pieces together based on the size of the pillow.

Step 8: Cut all the excess hanging pieces of the smaller portion off leaving a 1/4″ inch for seam allowance. Then sew the three pieces together all along the outside of the two smaller ribbed pieces. Once sewn down, remove pins

Step 9: go back to the 1/4″ fabric that was left and create  a zig zag with your sewing machine so the inside won’t shred. Do this on all four corners as well.

Step 10: Turn your pillow case inside out and place your pillow inside!



A Bientot!

NOW YOU KNOW how to create your own cashmere travel pillow!

Let us know how it works out for you or if you have any question please don’t hesitate to ask!



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