Launch of my new “do it yourself” blog!

Beloved by all his clients: interior designer Guillaume Gentet is launching his own personal blog. After working and living in Manhattan for nine years he has realized one common trend all Manhattanites share: reliance on the super of the building or men to get things done! Thus have no fear ladies! With my simple steps of how to do it yourself tools I will teach you how easy it is to get that stain out of your couch! This blog will also incorporate other simple ways to create a dinner party under $50, or how to make a flower bouquet in just 5 minutes! These are just a few examples of what’s to come. We love feedback so please comment!   Above is a photo of a center piece, and table setting that Guillaume has both designed and created. Guillaume’s  website http://www.guillaumegenet.com is still under construction so in the interim utilize his facebook or this blog page to see more of his work. If you would like a more extensive portfolio please e-mail me at guillaumegentet@yahoo.com and we at the G team will back to you as quickly as possible!

A Bientot!



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